Header image description: a drawing of a person laying down with his right leg bent and upper body propped up by his left arm. His right arm is raised up halfway. The person has tan skin, green eyes and big puffy brown hair. He is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with a red emoticon design, a black-and-red striped long sleeve shirt underneath, and knee-length grey shorts.
An animated gif of a red demon with wings and holding a sword walking to the left. tyoma.cool An animated gif of a red demon with wings and holding a sword walking to the left.



Updated CD collection with one I've been looking for for ages... Also new Sanmos images!


Added some new CDs I got today to the collection!


New Sanmos image for the shrine ^_^


Added another link and re-added the blog page to the nav bar.


Tweaked my commission page a little (including prices)?


Redid the front page... again! Added a Sanmos shrine page and made a few tweaks here and there.


Updated the email on my commissions page :3


Added a page that lists my commission info!


Added an extra bit of info to the main about page... plus some other teensy tiny changes... :^)


CD Review: Tiny Music by STP. Also rearranged some files so the URLs on the CD page look at least a bit less clunky.


Slightly shrunk the side navigation bar and added a few CD reviews for Nirvana's Incesticide and In Utero.


Added the CD collection page and some new banners to the sidebar!


Finally, the website overhaul I've been hyping up for a while!!! Completely new layout with some new pages (mainly the about)!! Links are down for now, but it'll be back up soon.


Jeez it's been a while! Anyways, I finally added the links page!


Added an easter egg to a hidden page! Can you find it? :3


Changed my name and transed my gender so I updated things to reflect that!


WHAT??? There's no way I started this project in 2018... Changed the Blog page to link to my Dreamwidth blog!


New blog post!


Added the Blog page, and made my first post!


Added the update section. Hope this works!

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Hello people of online... welcome to my little zone of the web. This is my central hub here on the net, my headquarters, mission control... a personal archive, if you will!!! I really miss the olden days when everyone had a website and could make their own page dedicated to whatever they want, rather than having to rely upon the Twitters and Tumblrs and Instagrams and what have you!!! I hate the limits of customization you have on modern social media! So that's why I made this page!

Here you can find some of my art, links to my favorite websites, music I enjoy, and more! It's all a matter of when I decide to make a page for it! For right now the website is indefinitely under construction. But I hope you enjoy exploring what I have on display so far!

Most of the pages on this site can be found through the sidebar link. But for pages I can't figure out how to properly organize, I'll just put them here!

Sanmos shrine

Semi-Daily Image Of The Day!