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Some new links! I'm planning on finding a different way of doing updates, so this box and the RSS feed may be paused for a bit as I work this out.


Digital Garden: The Lord of the Flies Remains Unchained. Yeah, it's gonna be a weird one this time.


Yes, I have indeed remade the Digital Garden with pblog! Check it out, although I'll be needing to do some tweaking... Also added another category to the links page for software I think is neat. Updated the wishlist link on the front page to my Amazon wishlist.... just in case anyone is feeling generous :^P


Game Review: Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You. Moved my decorative 88x31s from the navbar to the bottom of the homepage. Also updated my site's age rating, just in case. More links as always, too!


More links added to the link pile... I also added a few more categories!


Game Review: Death and Taxes. I forgot the music on the review pages, so I added that back. Also, more links, yippee!!!


Game Review: Toree 3D. Also redid the review pages, again. Back to your regularly scheduled website!


Today is the 3rd anniversary of TYOMA.COOL!! Please check out the article I wrote in the Digital Garden! Thank you everyone!!


Went through the meticulous process of adding music to (alot) of the pages on here! Turn on autoplay for my site to hear it :3 Also added some more info to the About me section, temporarily redid the reviews pages, and added more links!!!!


Updated my little link buttons on the front page! New art in the Gallery, added a link to my Toyhouse page for my characters, new CD in the collection... also added some more links to the links page, as per usual! Also check out the latest Yesterweb Zine, I'm in there!


New page!! I did a short simple writeup on the (generally accepted Christian) angelic hierarchy! I plan on updating it again later. Also added a public to-do list in the Digital garden! Hmm... is that all?


Read through my entire website and realized how many typos I make throughout it. So I fixed them!!!


New Digital Garden seed: Thoughts on the CAT S22 Flip. Some new images added to the Sanmos shrine, coupla links added to the Links page, and my projects listing was updated!


TV Review: Succession (Season 1). Don't flame me for my halfassed takes pwease.


Commission Info has been updated again with a much less expensive option! Also some more links were added to the links page.


Another CD haul! Another big thing is I fixed the Infirmary and Digital Garden pages to look better on mobile. Some more links were added to the links page, some more banners added to the sidebar.. random fixes here and there.


Music Review: UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats. Spoilers: it's soooo good.


THE GALLERY IS FINALLY UP!! The reason I made this website, and it's only up like 3 years later. So far, it goes back to 2013 and contains all the art I'm certain I was proud of in each respective year. Please check it out!! ^_^


New Digital Garden seed: Tyoma's Hair Care Guide (2022). Yes there will be more... Eventually! Also some more links. I need to start organizing these links further...


New Infirmary article: How to get accomodations in primary school. Some more links have been added to the links page as well!


Added another post to the Infirmary about grounding techniques and a new Game Review of Pathologic Classic HD. It was a long time coming, folks! I also added an RSS feed, which you can check out on the sidebar!!


Guess who just started his own Digital Garden?! Check it out on the sidebar! Don't expect frequent updates, but I would like to cultivate something nice there ^_^


Added a page of my favorite mental health apps to the Infirmary as well as some more things on the links page :^)


Added the Infirmary to the sidebar! Only an article about reading on there, but I plan to add something else soonish. Also, new music review of Thundercat's The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam :3


Added some MOOORE links!


Added some more links and changed the numbers on the Version History page to actually sorta kinda fit with software versioning??


Game Review: The Endless Empty. Updated a few things on the front page, otherwise I am working on funny (debatably) new page...


TV Review: Our Flag Means Death. Also have you guys heard how many musicians are releasing new albums next week... I'm gonna go crazy.


Changed some COLORS... also, check out my most recent blog post because I put a bit of thought into it for once :^)


Added a few neat little links! Maybe something else too, I dunno.


Did a little game review for Genshin Impact! Couple more things added to the to-do list as well.


Another big CD haul! Also slightly updated the to-do list.


Updated my commissions page and added a general to-do list to the front page (I'll make another page for it some other time.)


Added some more links and edited out some typos in the last review.


New TV review of Gin to Kin is up!


Kaiji Season 2 review is up! Also changed the Image of the Day to Image of the Week, since I am lazy by nature ^_^


More links! So many links!


Added a wee little video essays section to the links page...


Added the latest CD haul >:^)


Redid the homepage!! It had been bugging me for a while so I stayed up and got it done finally! I hope you like the remodeling as much as I do...


New Sanmos image! I might add something else later tonight, too. :^)


Happy new year! Few updates: added a Notebook page! It's like a log of thoughts and events I want to share somewhere, short enough that it doesn't count as a blog. Also changed a few images across the site, updated the music player with December 2021's playlist, and uhh... maybe some other stuff! I dunno.


Added a music player! I make monthly playlists so it'll play last month's playlist. :^) Also added some more Sanmos images, another article to the Links section, and fixed a few broken things.


Redid alot of the code to trim things down! Also the TV section of Reviews is up, I just finished watching Kaiji season 1!


I got added to the Yesterweb Webring so now you can find my little widget for it on the front page! Also edited the About Me section some more, added another Sanmos image and added a music review of Them Crooked Vultures (self-titled). Might be some other stuff somewhere else but I cannot remember right now!


Added a funny little section to my About Me page that shows the evolution of how I depict myself in my art. I call it my version history! It starts from when I was metaphorically reborn as Tyoma up to now.


Updated the front page playlist and finally made a website button! Please let me know if you use it on your page! :3


CD Review: Songs for the Deaf by QOTSA. Music Review: The Downward Spiral by NIN. Added a few more links to the links page and did a few switcheroos here and there. Hopefully I can continue with more frequent updates on this site :^) Soon I'll try to add an archive of Semi-Daily Images, since I think alot of them are really funny.


Added some articles I liked to the links page. I imagine this section will completely overflow with web-related articles at some point...


I added a bunch of little mini updates all over the place, and finally added a Reviews section to the sidebar! Kinda barren for now, but there's at least a game review up right now :^) Kinda want to focus on getting all the pages I want here up and running so I can go back to optimize my code and mainly focus on writing rather than fighting to get everything working and looking nice. In time!


FINALLY re-did my links page! I'll probably be using that like a personal bookmark menu. Also fixed a broken link on the commissions page.


New Sanmos image :^)


Updated CD collection with one I've been looking for for ages... Also new Sanmos images!


Added some new CDs I got today to the collection!


New Sanmos image for the shrine ^_^


Added another link and re-added the blog page to the nav bar.


Tweaked my commission page a little (including prices)?


Redid the front page... again! Added a Sanmos shrine page and made a few tweaks here and there.


Updated the email on my commissions page :3


Added a page that lists my commission info!


Added an extra bit of info to the main about page... plus some other teensy tiny changes... :^)


CD Review: Tiny Music by STP. Also rearranged some files so the URLs on the CD page look at least a bit less clunky.


Slightly shrunk the side navigation bar and added a few CD reviews for Nirvana's Incesticide and In Utero.


Added the CD collection page and some new banners to the sidebar!


Finally, the website overhaul I've been hyping up for a while!!! Completely new layout with some new pages (mainly the about)!! Links are down for now, but it'll be back up soon.


Jeez it's been a while! Anyways, I finally added the links page!


Added an easter egg to a hidden page! Can you find it? :3


Changed my name and transed my gender so I updated things to reflect that!


WHAT??? There's no way I started this project in 2018... Changed the Blog page to link to my Dreamwidth blog!


New blog post!


Added the Blog page, and made my first post!


Added the update section. Hope this works!

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Hey, you! This site is best viewed on desktop with autoplay!

Hello people of online... welcome to my little zone of the web. This is my central hub here on the net, my headquarters, mission control... a personal archive, if you will!!! I really miss the olden days when everyone had a website and could make their own page dedicated to whatever they want, rather than having to rely upon the Twitters and Tumblrs and Instagrams and what have you!!! I hate the limits of customization you have on modern social media! So that's why I made this page!

Here you can find some of my art, links to my favorite websites, music I enjoy, and more! It's all a matter of when I decide to make a page for it! For right now the website is indefinitely under construction. But I hope you enjoy exploring what I have on display so far!

By the way, if you want to follow me on Neocities, here is my profile!

This site is rated...
Web MA - for mature audiences

Currently playing:

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura ULTRAKILL Riichi City - Japanese Mahjong Online

Current projects


Japanese study: currently on Marugoto A1-1 on Minato, working on Duolingo, and learning kanji through Anki.

Internet safety website: for a school project.


Pathologic 2004 Alpha Translation: doing a few chunks of text a day.

Demoniil animatic: low priority.

Yamikin no Teiou Gin to Kin English translation and subs: studying Japanese again for my own sanity.

Most of the pages on this site can be found through the sidebar link. But for pages I don't thinkwarrant placing on the sidebar, I'll just put them here!

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