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Somewhere in Nevada...

(For the record, I use the term "Sanmos" to refer to Sanford and Deimos as a unit, not necessarily as a shipping thing. Not that I mind the shipping or anything.)

A spinning heart Sanford as he is seen in the series. Deimos as he is seen in the series. A spinning heart

Sanford and Deimos are two characters (pictured above) from the online animated series Madness Combat. It's a super cool and violent series made by Krinkels following Hank J. Wimbleton, a guy who is so widely hated there is an entire agency dedicated to stopping him (A.A.H.W., "Agency Against Hank Wimbleton"). Sanford and Deimos are two of his three known allies and made their first appearance in Madness Combat 5: Depredation back in March 24, 2005.

Sanford and Deimos in a car, pulled up right next to Hank. Sanford and Deimos look like generic grunts with no defining features.
They get crushed by a building two seconds later.

The boys make their TRUE appearance in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation (released March 15, 2009), donning their regular outfits. Later that year, Krinkels would make Madness Combat 5.5 and 7.5 in order to flesh out Sanmos a bit more and show what they were up to after getting crushed by that building earlier on. Way way later on in 2018, Deimos got his own little miniseries showing what happened after the events of Aggregation. (I won't spoil any of it :3)

OK, what's the big deal then?

I really really love Sanmos since I'm a huge sucker for duos, and don't even get me started on TRIOS. We know alot about Hank since he's the main protagonist of the series, but there's not too much we can glean about Sanford and Deimos. Project Nexus 2 reveals that they are actually a part of the organization S.Q., which is led by Doc. It's not known what they were doing before their first appearance or their relation to Hank, other than as coworkers. According to wanted posters seen of them throughout the series, Deimos is referred to as a "traitor" and "smoker" while Sanford is a "torturer" and "ugly" (allegedly). Other than that, we can't even be sure of what their personalities are like: Deimos seems sort of playful while Sanford seems a bit more serious.

There's something kinda cool about the mystery surrounding these two, y'know????

That is also not to mention how neat I think their designs are. Krinkels is so good at making these detailed tactical designs stand out in a way that I haven't seen from very many other artists. You can already tell by looking at the sprites but the detail gets ramped up ALOT with his human designs for the characters but still looks nice. It's detailed but not cluttered. You know? Although upon first impression, I was mainly won over by Sanford's design. I'm a sucker for those John Lennon-type shades and that he just has a lip for some reason. Deimos also has a pretty cool design in my opinion, it's mainly the details of his fit that got me interested (his backpack, the hat/visor) and his Dedmos transformation. Also smoker characters always look cool (smoking is bad for real though!)

Regardless, I've grown so fond of these guys and their partnership that I tend to think about them and draw them alot. I am simply obsessed. I came up with these human designs in July 2021 and have fallen in love with them. I've pretty much been drawing them endlessly ever since. They are also blank enough slates for me to make up my own characterisations which I find extremely fun to do... pages and pages of headcanons I have saved. It's going to be pretty funny when Project Nexus comes out and I have to throw out just about every single idea I'd came up with.

Art gallery

A full body drawing of two men on a neutral background. To the left is Sanford, the taller one, with one hand on his hip and the other holding a hook. Sanford is wearing circle-shaped sunglasses, a dark grey durag, a light grey tank top, camoflauge-patterned cargo pants, and black boots. There are bandages wrapped around the lower part of his waist. He has a pouch and a knife holster hanging off his belt resting on his right hip, and another pouch slung around by a strap over his left hip. The hook is being held in his right hand, which is connected by a string to the fingerless glove he is only wearing on this hand. On his right forearm, a skin graft scar is visible. To the right is Deimos, who is standing with his left leg crossed behind him and resting an AK-47 on his shoulder with his left arm. His right hand is in his pants pocket. Deimos is wearing a dark-colored visor, a grey headset with a microphone, a dark trenchcoat, a faded green shirt, greyish-green pants, and dark brown boots. He has a cross-body gun magazine pouch peeking out from the left side of his coat. He has a few pouches hanging off the belt on his right side and a knife pouch strapped to his upper left thigh. A belt is visible below his chest that is connected to the portable military radio strapped to his back. A cigarette is hanging out of his mouth.


Sanford has some of the BEST LINES IN THE GAME. Deimos doesn't have many spoken lines but his voice is a real one-hit KO.

These are all the official videos where the boys are killing folks and doing other stuff together. And nothing bad happens in them.


Well maybe just one....

Fun facts