(6/28/2022) Succession (Season 1)


So, I'm sure we all know about Succession by now, right? Everybody has known about it for a while now and I'm just getting late to the party. I actually had watched part of it around the time that Season 3 was airing, about two episodes, but I didn't like it. I knew it would probably pick up, and that I really liked Roman, but I couldn't get into it. It felt like any other boring white people drama except it was focused around nepotism or something.

HOWEVER.... that wasn't very fair. It's not like it's wrong - if you're into the "white people drama" genre of show you'll probably like this - but it's a lot more than just that original assessment. I wasn't expecting there to be any really deep themes of abuse in this show, or for anything even particularly exciting to happen.

I guess I should start with the characters, since that's what drives the show. There are a lot of characters that come and go, but some of the most prominent are part of the Roy family - Logan, Kendall, Shiv, Roman, Tom, and Greg. Specifically addressing the main three siblings: while on the surface they seem pretty standard for this sort of show, you start picking up on their own special little neuroses related to thinking that they're Daddy's Favorite.

Kendall is honestly my least favorite, because this guy HATES having fun and despite his focus on the company really sucks at managing the company. Seeing how generally pathetic he is can be pretty entertaining though, especially around his (ex?) wife. Shiv is fun, though she's sort of on the outside for most of this season rather than really being involved in company stuff. I do enjoy whenever she comes up though. Roman is the sillyguy who likes to come in and bother people and constantly makes up lies about everything - which can make it pretty interesting the few times he insists that something he said was true. Greg is a big bumbling fool who is constantly just stumbling around, unaware of this new strange world he's entered into. As for Tom... gonna be honest, I don't have much to say about Tom because I've been very confused about his role in this story when it doesn't have to do with marriage or Greg.

No, I'm not talking about TomGreg here. I can see where some of you are coming from with this, but I don't have anything to say about it.

You may be wondering though.... what do I think about Succession's story? Gonna be honest, I don't have much to say about it because I'm constantly confused about what's happening. Shows based in reality when it comes to corporate work really cause me to zone out, and there's a lot of talks about board members, keeping stock prices high, and complicated business deals. Despite that, I have to admit that it's not all complete gibberish and the characters are all so expressive that it's easy to get back on track of what's happening. I can't call it a recap of events really, but they find ways to remind you what particular business thing is happening at any given moment.

What Succession does really well is by taking this sort of business drama and not trying to make you invested, necessarily, in the outcomes of whatever is going on in corporate. Rather, you get excited to see how all the characters are gonna react to what's happening and get in more conflict with each other. Kendall plans some... something regarding a rival of his father's company later in the season, and at this point a lot of Kendall's plans to take some control of the company have failed miserably. You already have a feeling for how it's gonna turn out, but what you're really interested in is seeing how the rest of the family reacts when they finally find out what Kendall was doing (again). And it all sets you up for the next backstab that is sure to come.

I have never wanted to see a family crash and burn more than I have watching Succession.

Despite all that though, I still do think that this season was at least just above average for me. While it is a lot of fun watching all these rich people fight with each other, so far that is really all that it amounts to. A bunch of daddy's boys (and girl) fighting over who gets to be the next CEO. By the end of the season, everything just seems to reset back to how it was in the first episode - except for the fact that Tom and Greg are real deep in it. HOWEVER, it did get me invested enough to want to keep watching and see where this goes. If anything, this felt like 10-episode setup for the show and I've got really high hopes for the following seasons to see if they deliver something really spectacular.

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