(This is as good a time as any to say that I am not affiliated with any of these sites, I'm not responsible for whatever you do with the links here or whatever you find on the other end, yada yada yada...)

Web development

Alternative(s) (to) social media

  • Dreamwidth - an open-source web journal based on Livejournal code and maintained by old LJ staff.
  • DeadJournal - a web journal for intelligent pissed off people.
  • InsaneJournal - a web journal that is generally anti-censorship.
  • The Midnight Pub - a text-based pub/blogging platform served over https, gemini, and gopher.
  • Smol Pub - a blogging/journal platform written in Gemtext.
  • TiddlyWiki - a non-linear personal web notebook that functions SIMILAR to a Wiki.
  • BUS STOP - an ephemeral and chill imageboard where posts are deleted after a day.
  • The Orb - not quite sure what this is but it is definitely a forum
  • The diaspora* project - a FOSS decentralized social network connected by independently run servers.
  • SpaceHey - the Myspace revival!
  • Multiverse - a micro-blogging platform that lets you get super creative with it
  • LandChad.net - a site that teaches you to setup your own internet platforms
  • Host Things Yourself! - a fork of landchad.net (sans memes) that uses 100% free software

Web utilities

Cool software

  • Fraidycat - program that lets you follow/organize accounts and feeds all across the web
  • MusicBee - the best customizable music player and manager IMO
  • TuxGuitar - the ONLY good (not to mention free), simple-to-use guitar tablature software
  • Obsidian - super customizable personal offline knowledge base + notetaking app (its like Evernote but better)
  • Syncthing - p2p file syncing program (I love this)
  • Open-Shell-Menu - windows start menu/taskbar skinning tool that can emulate previous windows versions
  • Calibre - comprehensive e-book library management software
  • HTTrack - offline website backup/mirroring tool
  • BatteryInfoView - utility for laptops that lets you view battery info and health

Artist tools


Mental Health

  • DID Research - super comprehensive resource for info on dissociative identity disorder (and some other dissociative disorders)
  • Mental Hellth - a newsletter exploring how the current world affects our mental health
  • I feel like shit - an interactive self care guide
  • My Fridge Food - recipes based on what you have in your kitchen at the moment
  • Therapy Shoppe - sensory toys, fidgets, motor skill tools, and other assistive stuff. only thing that requires money on the list bc i love this place.
  • Getselfhelp.co.uk - lots of printable therapy worksheets. partially geared toward therapists, but still a great self-help resource for anyone no matter what they struggle with.
  • Habitica - a gamified to-do list/habit tracker in the form of an RPG. has alot of mental health guilds that are very motivating.

LGBTQ Resources

  • diyhrt.cafe - a listing of suppliers that sell hormones geared towards MTFs. use at your own risk
  • DIY HRT Directory - a guide to safely perform hormone replacement therapy on one's own. again, use at your own risk
  • Transbucket - photo-sharing site for transgender surgery outcomes (account required)
  • Phallo.net - an informative and comprehensive resource on FTM phalloplasty
  • Okazu - a blog from 2002 focusing on yuri and lesbianism in Japanese media


  • lain game - a playable browser version of the serial experiments lain ps1 game with english text/subtitles
  • Diablo Web - a web port of the original diablo?!
  • Taiko Web - an unofficial web implementation of Taiko no Tatsujin
  • Board Game Online - very weird online board game, playable with friends or strangers
  • Fallen London - a gothic supernatural text-based rpg
  • Kingdom of Loathing - a funny surreal rpg adventure game
  • Flight Rising - a dragon-raising and breeding browser-based adventure game (think neopets)
  • Furcadia - i think this is a furry web-based mmorpg? seems cool!
  • Pokemon Eclipse RPG - an online pokemon browser rpg with a lot of fun minigames and events
  • Everskies - a pixel doll dress up site with forums, very pro-black which is nice.
  • Bimboland (18+) - a satirical bimbo dress up site with a very supportive user culture. currently known as Ximboland.
  • Flowergame - grow some plants... :^)
  • Cube 2: Sauerbraten - a fun little open source fps. semi-inactive but its still fun.
  • Vimm's Lair - downloads of classic games, manuals, and more from consoles released between 1985-2006
  • My Abandonware - download old games from 1978-2010 for free
  • Pretend You're Xyzzy - a cards against humanity clone.
  • Hidden Palace - a video game media preservation wiki. check out project deluge!
  • Dark Pattern Games - a game review site that points out dark patterns/psychological tricks in mobile games.


  • Kirby's Rainbow Resort - a super cute kirby fansite with lots of stuff. hasn't been updated since last 2020, but i have hope.
  • NFC - the internet nirvana fan club. probably not being updated, but the forum is still active.
  • thought experiments lain - lots of interesting stuff about lain. no longer updated.
  • OMNIPRESENCE - another lain fansite. a neat relic of the past.
  • The Fade - a QOTSA fansite that stopped getting updated in 2006 or so, but has alot of cool info and freebies (like guitar tabs!)
  • Lookin' Bratz - a Bratz fansite with an unbelievable amount of info and content on it.
  • Empty Movement - an ancient Revolutionary Girl Utena website with a crazy amount of content (and official images) on it.
  • TamaTown - a Tamagotchi fansite with tons of information, news, and guides.
  • Ricky-starks.com - a fansite dedicated to the wrestler Ricky Starks, currently signed to AEW.
  • tha waltens files - fansite about The Walten Files, an analog horror Youtube series
  • Disco Reader - creates graphs based on conversation paths in Disco Elysium.

Interesting sites


Interesting articles

Interesting videos

Online stores

  • Fuzzy N Chic - sells handmade Tamagotchi covers and other Tamagotchi accessories.
  • itemLabel - a revenge based company that sells Peepys and other collectible creatures, plus some neat accessories.
  • JJGames - super affordable used games
  • Hirbawi Kufiya - the last and only kufiya factory left in Palestine.
  • Online Ceramics - a streetwear clothing company that's partnered with A24 (expensive)
  • House Plant Shop - actually reasonably priced house plants.
  • Houzz - home decor store with alot of cool rugs
  • READY! Computer Corp. - newer, small company that makes very stylish portable computer kits
  • Ragstock - recycled and vintage clothing (not SUPER affordably priced)