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me pointing at a boat and saying haha boat

Alright fellas. You've been on the net before, yeah? Surfed a few sites. Maybe seen a page or two.

But you haven't seen anything like this before!!!

Well, you probably have, but....

Anyways! You didn't come here for theatrics, I think! You came here to see my page, and I welcome you, dear visitor! I actually stumbled upon Neocities by accident, and I finally felt that all my knowledge of HTML had finally come in handy! So I built this site, which will serve to encompass all of the random aspects of ME, Tyoma, that I'm not able to express as well via Twitter. Or whatever else I use. You should totally follow my Twitter though. But anyways, welcome! I do a lot of art, some witchcraft, rant about whatever I feel like and write music reviews with a friend! Browse around if you'd like...

And if you DARE...

Or even just like.... if you can? Because a lot of pages are still under construction.

*guy from postal voice* hey there, would you like to sign my


1/27/2021: Jeez it's been a while! Anyways, I finally added the links page!

9/20/2020: Added an easter egg to a hidden page! Can you find it? :3

9/17/2020: Changed my name and transed my gender so I updated things to reflect that!

7/8/2020: WHAT??? There's no way I started this project in 2018... Changed the Blog page to link to my Dreamwidth blog!

10/26/2019: New blog post!

10/19/2019: Added the Blog page, and made my first post!

9/19/2019: Added the update section. Hope this works!

oh, uh, and if you wanna throw me a tip then....