List of stuff I wanna try doing

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This is a little weird, but every single list I've made of "things to do" always ends up lost or deleted, so I think I can keep myself from forgetting all my genius ideas by slapping this list onto my website once and for all.

"But Tyoma," you ask, "why would you make another to-do list if you have one on the front page already?" Well, I might not feel like doing some of these! Ever, really! So the front page goes to things I've already made a priority.

I'll cross out things as I get to them.

  • Make up a dressup doll game.
  • Make proper refs for all of my ocs (at least major ones!!)
  • Animate something. anything.
  • Make a Hypnospace mod with pages mades by my ocs.
  • Buy a rug that ties the room together.
  • Fully translate the Pathologic Alpha build into English.
  • Make a downloads page for free things I find + anything I make and wanna share.
  • Find a legal-ish way of sharing playlists that isn't just Spotify or Youtube.
  • Make a zine about dying in the ocean.
  • Write out a detailed explanation of the angelic hierarchy.
  • Make Kazuya Hyodo acrylic charms.
  • Get into Muay Thai kickboxing.
  • Make an Ukagaka.
  • Make a page for my comics in the Gallery.
  • Become fluent in Japanese.
  • Learn how to use Blender.
  • Make an Eyeball Girl visual novel/sim.
  • Learn how to hack/patch a PC-98 game.
  • Translate at least ONE piece of media in full.
  • Properly oprganize my internet safety project.
  • Make some cute interactive toys for my site.
  • Create a fake social media feed for my OCs.
  • Make a /now page with some Javascript to automate it.
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