what is a digital garden?

Digital gardens are a neat little web-based concept that have existed for a long time. People have a lot of different definitions, but the main thing is that they are a collection of different bits of writing that are organized intentionally. It's meant to contrast the chronologically-ordered blogs and social media streams as something like a personal repository. A notebook, even! And it grows over time, just like a garden full of plants.

Often, the articles written in them are not written for "performative" purposes and instead just to explore ideas the web-gardener finds interesting. They also are often linked together to aid in a visitor's exploration. Kinda like going down endless Wikipedia trails, except it's one person's own collection of articles!

Personally, I started my little nursery here because I actually enjoy writing about things from time-to-time. My Dreamwidth blog is a bit of a silly space for me to keep track of the goings-on of my life. Even though I do post some thoughtful things from time to time, I don't necessarily write my posts hoping that someone else will read them. It's more of a public diary than anything else.

I also don't necessarily have a lot of things I think are worthy enough to have their own uniquely designed pages? I have a lot of ideas for pages where I never know if I will continuously update or expand upon my ideas. Therefore, I decided this would be the best avenue for expressing them and letting them grow naturally.

Who knows, maybe some of these thoughts I plant will grow into their own? :^)

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Anywho, why not go ahead and take a stroll through my garden? <3