1. Serve The Servants
  2. Scentless Apprentice
  3. Heart-Shaped Box
  4. Rape Me
  5. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
  6. Dumb
  7. Very Ape
  8. Milk It
  9. Pennyroyal Tea
  10. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
  11. Tourette's
  12. All Apologies

"In Utero" by Nirvana

Released September 13, 1993

Favorite track: Heart-Shaped Box

Yeah... yeah I dunno... I never really liked this album too much. I know this is usually hailed as Nirvana's ACTUAL best album by the fans, but it is probably my least favorite album by them, and I was even kinda iffy about Nevermind initially. It's not a bad album by any means, but like I said, I think alot of the music on this is really polished in a way that I feel doesn't suit Nirvana's previous stylings. Not many of the tracks appeal to me personally either, like "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter," "Rape Me," or "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle". I DO actually like alot of the other tracks, but they either aren't something I would like to listen to regularly ("Scentless Apprentice") or a song I like better on another album ("Tourette's", although "moderate rock" is still really fun on this album lol).

Weirdly enough I actually like the single tracks on this the most rather than the deep cuts and I used to listen to them alot back in high school. They hit me just about the same now, getting me all emotional and whatnot. It's an alright album! Just not what I'd be looking for in a Nirvana record. I will give them an extra point just because "Scentless Apprentice" introduced me to a very good book I'm still kinda in the middle of reading. I did a book report on it for freshman year which was pretty funny considering my current progress (or lack thereof).

This blank space is where I will put photos of the CD case and such! Once I find the time to.

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