A simple drawing of a person with frizzy brown hair, green eyes, and a red-and-black striped shirt. They have a relaxed smiling expression and are putting up a peace sign with their left hand.

My name is Tyoma! You can also call me Jonah if you want. I'm a 20 year old artist and web developer and I will not lie, after at least a decade or so, I have finally begun to get fed up with the overly corporate web we've gotten stuck with. I really miss the olden days when everyone had a website and could make their own site dedicated to whatever they want, rather than having to rely on the Twitters and Tumblrs and Instagrams, and what have you!!! So that's why I made this page!

I aim to have this website be my central hub on the net... I have just about a million different social media as it stands, so hopefully I'll be able to mash all of those into one. There's gonna be my art, links to my favorite websites, music I enjoy, and more! It's just all a matter of when I end up making a page for it :3


Music: Heavy metal, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, grunge, progressive metal, funk, jazz fusion, hip-hop, punk, jazz rap
Bands/musicians: Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Dead Kennedys, Queens of the Stone Age, The Tea Party, Clutch, All Them Witches, A Tribe Called Quest
Games: Pathologic (so much so that I have a fansite dedicated to it!), Spyro 2, Papers Please, Yakuza, Disco Elysium, Chibi-Robo, DDR, Sly Cooper, Guitar Hero, Viscera Cleanup Detail
Movies: Fight Club, Coonskin, Fritz the Cat, The Hateful Eight, Dr. Strangelove, End of Evangelion, Into the Spiderverse, The Craft
Stuff to do: Drawing images, playing guitar, playing video games, making kandi bracelets, transcribing audio, obsessing over music, watching pro wrestling, going on "adventures" with my friends
Other stuff: Psychological horror, Y2K nostalgia, old/obsolete tech, the Madness Combat series, occultism, angelology, demonology, professional wrestling (AEW and NJPW specifically)

If for any reason you gotta reach me, then hit me up on my Twitter!